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New EP Kate Ashby-Craft

Kate Ashby-Craft

My Three New Alternative Country Songs are available as digital downloads.


Kate Ashby-Craft

Happy FALL Everyone !

Wow where did the summer go and I must say it was a glorious one especially for swimming which I did a lot of until my pool went green. For those of you who don't know what that means it means I had an algae problem and it took me the month of August to get it under control....ugh. It was very hot and very dry so I didn't have to mow grass too often...yahoo. This also meant that I didn't see much wildlife as they would stay in the forest to keep cool. Our pond also dropped in the level of water so it's beginning to look a lot like a wet land and not a pond. Hopefully next year it will return to normal levels.

Musically speaking my new duo The Honeys had a good summer. We performed  in Thorndale at The Purple Hill Country Music Hall in June for the first time as a duo. We have both performed there many times as solo artists so it was nice to do it together this time . In July we took the stage at one of my favourite festivals, The Canterbury Folk Festival in Ingersoll. August saw us filming our first Performance Video and we are presently editing it. When it's ready to go I will be posting a link to it on this page so stay tuned.  August also saw me perform the role of June Carter in The Legend In Black Show at The Carrot Festival in Bradford. What a hot day that was 35 degrees C on stage....because of the heat the inside lining of my shoes melted onto my feet and so I went home with blue feet ! What I won't  do for show biz. The Honeys are looking forward to sharing the stage with the fabulous Nightbirds at The London Music Club this October and then in November I will be dusting off the June tunes and heading to The Blackforest Dinner Theatre with the Legend In Black Show. For details on these shows all you have to do is click on the Appearances Page at the top of this page.

Well that's all for now and I hope all of you will have a colourful FALL !


The short indie film that I acted in  in May 2014 has  been released and if you would like to see it all you have to do is click on the link below which will take you to YouTube..
This film is about a terminally ill older woman who has decided she wants to end her life on her terms and so she has asked her estranged daughter to help her do this. This film is only ten minutes long but is a very powerful piece about assisted dying which is a hot topic today in Canada.






Life is about the journey not the destination .