“If you’re thinking of booking Kate Ashby-Craft for your upcoming show or festival, you can stop thinking and do it ! I’ve watched her closely a few times in the past year when she’s on stage and her performances have always been uplifting and very energetic. Watching her infectious smile as she performs lets the audience know they are watching someone who enjoys performing. Her vocals are impressive and her sets of country music have left me and other audience members wanting more.”
Randy Owen, Mid-Day Announcer Country 107.3 Tillsonburg, ON


“Kate Ashby-Craft and her band were a hit on our outdoor stage, the Music Barge. The music was terrific. The gathering crowd came close to a season’s record.  Kate’s personal engagement with the audience was delightful. Everyone had a good time. We look forward to welcoming Kate back to Stratford Summer Music !”

John A. Miller, Artistic Producer Stratford Summer Music




“Great!” (10 out of 10 rating)
Sherwin Charles (Brooklyn, United States)
DJ Fresh / Brooklyn DJ Factory, Scene, Niketalk Magazine


“… a throwback to the classic country with a new feel.

Vocals are very interesting with the twang.”
Gerrard Dillman (Regina, Canada)
DJ Phunkneeguy / My Own, The Outside


“solid track, great beats !”
Derek Harri (Thunder Bay, Canada)” DJ DiRRty HaRRi / Sonic Music Prod, 2 Tone Music / Tony & Adam’s


NEW!!  ‘good…will do just fine.’
Magnus Johansson (Sodertalje, Sweden) Magnus Johansson / NilreM, Limerick


Maurizio Santi (Gonnosfanadiga, Italy) Maurizio Santi /Dee Jay Santi / Promotionalrecord, Modena Radio City / Radio Mela




Love Is All There is contains twelve great songs and Atlantic Seabreeze gives this album very high ratings on its rating list.”
John Gavin,


“Inspiration and a thematic thread wind its way through this project, topped off clearly with talented vocals.”
Brent Holmes, Lucid Forge, Stratford, Ontario


“An enjoyable adult pop album of songs all exploring love in one way or another, Ashby-Craft sounds completely immersed…the musicians are great, but her delivery is what makes it.” 
Eric Lewis, Times & Transcripts, Moncton, New Brunswick


“Kate Ashby-Craft has a bluesy soulful music. Love Is All There Is provides the adult contemporary listener with a raw sound different from most other recordings of today.” 
Dave Carter, The Beacon Herald, Stratford, Ontario


“Kate has a rather bluesy, soulful voice that almost has an operatic feel to it, very powerful indeed and if you are looking for music that will inspire and uplift, then have a listen to Kate Ashby-Craft”
Francesco Emmanuel, Muse’s Muse, Toronto, Ontario


“Ashby-Craft Proves that Love Is All There Is……a refreshing change from much of the material that is being released nowadays…. Ashby-Craft absolutely shines”
Ray’s Reviews, Prince Edward Island, Canada


“ All the well crafted songs explore that eternal theme, love and there is refreshing musical diversity here.”
Kerry Doole, On The Beat Tandem

(Canada’s Cosmopolitan news, arts and sports paper)




“…a great album…”
CJYR, Edson, Alberta


“Throughout all of Craft’s songs, she melds her passion for life and music that reflects in her styling and rhythms. She has a unique method that makes her a standout in her genre”
Melody Geear,


“The Heart And The Mind….from bruised country romance to enigmatic folk and glossy synthesised funk, there’s plenty to interest, intrigue and entertain”
overplay. com


“The song, ´My City by the Sea´, is beautiful and moving,

a real tribute to Halifax.”

Walter Fitzgerald, Former Mayor, Halifax, Nova Scotia


“Ms. Ashby-Craft has a winning way with such contrasting material, and a decided style of her own…”
Audrey M. Ashley, The Beacon Herald, Stratford, Ontario


“…Ashby-Craft’s beautifully developed voice expresses her heart on this album…her sound is very original…”
Aaris Schroeder, Editor-In-Chief, Underground Beat


“…A Song for Lorian, a good add…”
CKOT-FM, Tillsonburg, Ontario